Are you looking for a boost in your online marketing strategies? Here are the top 5 reasons why you would want Local Mobile Marketing Solutions to be your partner:




1. We speak human.


If you want, or if you’re impressed by hifalutin marketing jargon, we’re happy to break out terms like “brand equity,” “mousetrapping,” “split testing,” “usability,” being “on message,” and several others. Just to be clear, though, those aren’t necessarily going to help you understand how we can help you get more people in the door to help you make more money.


2. We’re reasonable.


Your marketing is not something that should be casually handed over to an inexperienced employee. This is YOUR brand and in a small business, it’s the owner or manager’s job to market the business—and we’ll gladly help you out with that responsibility. We won’t give away years of proven, demonstrable expertise for pennies on the dollar, but we certainly won’t gouge you on prices, either. If you want to work with us and it’s a good fit, we’ll absolutely find a way to make it happen.


3. We’re direct.


We won’t sell you things you don’t need, don’t want, or simply aren’t ready for yet. For instance, some brick-and-mortar establishments (especially those with just one or a few units) would be better off starting with Local Buzz over “traditional” SEO. There are instances when organizations can and should be doing SEO, but it’s much more labor-intensive, complicated, and expensive.


4. We’re learners.


We just LOVE learning about marketing. We even read Chief Content Officer (a trade journal) over dinner for fun. (Let’s face it, normal people just don’t do that!) We also subscribe to several other trade magazines and blogs. We take all these resources, knowledge, and experience, and distill it down to relevant strategies for the small business owner. We look at what the “big boys” (with multi-gazillion dollar marketing budgets are doing) and see what we can glean from that, so we can pass it on to you—the small business owner.


5. We’re nice.


And we expect you to be nice, too. (If you’re not, you can go away right now please.) See? We even said please. Ha! We want to work with people who’d love to talk business over a beer or two. Otherwise, are the headaches and aggravation of working with someone whose company you really can’t stand really worth it? Email us at, or call 646-484-9033 to see how we can help.

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