Kevin McHugh

If you’re already driving traffic to your business’ website to generate leads, this Prospect Wizard will pay for itself in no time! People want immediate assistance these days and millennials + younger generations are too jaded with standard opt-ins. The widget allows you to guide prospects towards the right information and creates a more organic text conversation which we all know has a MUCH HIGHER response rate than emails and old school opt-ins. Stop wasting time reading this testimonial and contact Dave to get set up! The autoresponders and segmentation is super easy for you and your sales team to use. The only thing you have to lose is the paid traffic visiting your website, losing interest, and dropping off!

Wes Chow

Laurie Haines 

Installing the Prospect Wizard web text widget has been a great decision for our fitness center. Things went very well with our 15-Day web texting trial. We've had 57 unique individuals reach out to us since we make the pop up live on 6/9. Since launching the widget on our site two months ago, we've already sold 18 new memberships to prospects who first reached out to us via the texting feature. We've also been able to quickly upgrade several of our existing members' accounts, schedule Personal Training demos, and book a variety of non-dues revenue programs. It has definitely more than paid for itself!  As the main administrator for the web text portal, I'm able to easily keep track of all prospect/member communications in one place to be certain that we have 'closed the loop' on all leads and questions. The whole system is very user friendly. I can answer customers' questions anytime, anywhere via the app installed on my mobile phone. Most of all, those who reach out to us via the web text feature seem to really appreciate such a quick response. We make it convenient for them to engage with us. I highly recommend this feature on any business website to provide superior customer service and grow your revenue!"

The website Prospect Wizard text widget has been incredible. They are the best leads we get. They all seem to turn into a tour at minimum and most have joined as long-term members.

Troy Bruchwalski, Membership Sales Representative

Jessica Troilo

Regional Manager, New York Sports Clubs 

Working with David and the Local Mobile team to implement the Prospect Wizard at some of our locations here at NYSC has been an amazing experience over the last few months. The easy-to-use application has allowed my team to not only transition conversations and inquiries into sales, but promptly and professionally provide our existing customer base with top of the line communication and customer service. Among many benefits to using the widget, our favorite here is the ability to keep a live and continuous "text chain" with our customers and prospects. This widget has definitely brought us into the 21st century and will undoubtedly bring the fitness industry to the highest level of customer care!

Hazem Elgohary


We’ve been working with Local Mobile Marketing Solutions for a while now and I’m happy to give them this testimonial. Dave really knows his stuff about helping local business owners on a variety of fronts. He used to be a teacher and it’s clear that with his business, it’s all about education and making sure his clients don’t get ripped off by other vendors or go down the wrong road. SMS marketing seemed like a no-brainer to me to try. (It’s certainly cost effective and, let’s face it, everyone reads texts nearly immediately.) I couldn’t believe the response! I quickly doubled down. We put it on our business card, in our window, on our website, and even on a cake in the window! We consistently get opt-in’s and our customers love it. It’s a slow and steady build. . .but if you do what Dave suggests and keep working the program, you’ll end up with an incredibly responsive list of new (and current) customers who absolutely respond to your messages when the time is right. Highly recommended!

Noir et Blanc is an extremely high end women’s fashion boutique in the trendy NoMad section of New York City. In business for over 25 years, the owner has seen her share of “trends” come and go. She’s a tough customer but clearly, SMS and MMS is killing it for her!

Deborah Koenigsberger

We’ve been working with Local Mobile Marketing Solutions for a few months now for SMS/text marketing. We’re a high end salon on Fifth Avenue in NYC and I can say that this absolutely works! Frankly, I had my doubts in the beginning, but Dave was right: Customers absolutely see the value and they will opt-in. I have over 100 in my database and growing substantially every month. It’s an amazing way to keep in touch with people to offer them deals, tips, holiday promotions and much more. Highly recommended!

Esfira Shakmurova


Modern Resturant And Lounge

General Manager

We’ve been working with Dave at Local Mobile since April 2019. We’re the largest, most well known restaurant in New Rochelle having been in business for the past 24 years. I’ve seen a lot of marketing guys come and go with the newest “shiny object” and, probably like most bar and restaurant Managers, I’m very skeptical. However, I’m glad I moved forward with Dave. He’s a 15+ year marketing veteran and to his credit, his company focuses on two things: Social Wi-Fi and text message marketing. We were already providing free Wi-Fi (who isn’t these days?!) but now. . .we’re capturing clients email and re-marketing to them regularly.

On the other side, I knew the benefits of SMS marketing, but didn’t want to launch the two programs simultaneously. We’re just using the SMS module module now for reservations and it’s working very well. Our contact list is nearly 1,000 members at this point and, when the time is right, I plan to formally launch! By that time, we’ll have a rather robust list of customers to go out to.


Dave is an entrepreneur himself and it’s clear he loves working in the local, small to midsize space. He knows what he’s doing and his service is outstanding. SMS and Wi-Fi are only growing. They’re far from the latest “shiny object.” Use Local Mobile to help you roll either one of the programs out properly and it’ll keep your registers ringing. Highly recommended. 

Michael Sosankin


Michael Vassallo

Executive Chef & Partner

We’ve known David Ganulin for many years since he’s been a loyal customer. We knew, however, that after we rebranded from Vino 313 to VinoTapa, we’d need help with that. Not only getting the word out, but also making sure our online presence was consistent. David’s education background comes through loud and clear when he’s dealing with his customers. He’s proven himself to not only be exceptionally knowledgable about the small business marketing space, but also extremely patient in taking the time to walk us through our options. He goes above and beyond for his customers and, unlike many others in this particular space, Local Mobile doesn’t gouge you for every little thing they do. We ended up doing Local Optimization/Buzz for a few months and we had some of the best months ever! It was fantastic. Dave showed us monthly reports about what was going on and, while we may not have understood all the mechanations and going’s-on behind the scenes, it was clear work was getting done and we know that it worked! We had great months, continue to have great months, and now consider the rebranding complete. Dave and his team have our highest recommendation.

Tony Russo

Manager of Bella Napoli

I’ve known David Ganulin for quite some time since he actually has been a regular customer of ours for years. I’m a tech savvy guy myself and we’ve tried a lot of things over the years but honestly, nothing has been as effective as SMS marketing. Forget apps, forget other bells & whistles! This is simple & easy. We have tent cards set up in our place and signage near the registers and we absolutely get a consistent number of opt-in’s week over week. These are people who like us so much they’re voluntarily giving us their number. It’s a no-brainer! Plus, messages go right to their phone, my staff doesn’t have to mess around with some app, and absolutely everyone reads texts. Dave & his team clearly care about helping the small business owner. He helps us out to make sure we do everything right. We’ll continue to use him and his services moving forward. I’d recommend him (and text message marketing!) for any small business owners.

Trisha Benton

Former Manager

I’ve known Dave and Local Mobile Marketing Solutions for a while. He and I geek out about marketing all the time, so it was a no-brainer to try some promotions with SMS marketing. I was initially concerned about it working with our audience-specifically the challenges of marketing in the transient nature of a hotel bar. I worried for nothing. This gave us a great new way to build a relationship with regulars who live and work in the neighborhood. It also build up a nice sort of VIP style/”insider” list.


The web-based interface also let me auto schedule texts, which allowed me to be on the floor with customers–which is where a good manager should be! Dave was always readily available to answer questions about set up and gave me good advice on how to increase new opt-in’s.  It was easy to set up and manage.


SMS/text is great. You simply don’t have any worries at all about your promotion getting lost in someone’s inbox!  There are so many possibilities for hotel General Manager’s here (and restaurants that are operating within hotel properties) that it boggles the mind. It can be used to help drive more traffic to the restaurant, help the guests enjoy their stay that much more by providing tips, deals for local merchants, and much more. By opting in, guests/regulars are saying, “Yes! I love this place so much, I’d love to continue to hear from you.”


Just listen to what Dave and his team says about how to roll out SMS properly. They definitely know what they’re doing.

Dr. Behnaz Garemani, DDS

Brite Dental Spa

We’ve been working with Local Mobile Marketing Solutions for a few months. Dave is always there when I have a question or concern about anything marketing related. They clearly love helping small business owners get more customers and keep the ones they already have. We decided to try SMS marketing with our patients as a way to keep them updated about when we move. I was, honestly, a bit surprised at how easy it was and how willing people were to opt-in. Text marketing is a no-brainer for any doctor, dentist, or any other medical/health professional as a way to keep in touch with patients, offer them health tips, provide useful information about the practice, and much more. Definitely recommended.

Chris Wharton

Former General Manager of the Crooked Knife

I had the pleasure of working with Local Mobile Marketing Solutions and Dave while I was the General Manager at the Crooked Knife Bar & Restaurant. Dave clearly loves helping small businesses succeed and he was on me for a while about trying SMS marketing and I’m glad he persisted! It flat out works. We had a crazy amount of opt-in’s during Sunday brunch and consistent opt-in’s week over week.

We really didn’t do much to promote it in retrospect. We had it on the blackboard in the back and it was a line item on the menus. . .and we still got a lot! Had I focused on it more I know we could have really blown it out of the water. Bar owners and restaurant owners, listen up: THIS WORKS! Your customers are NOT different. They WILL opt-in. They WILL respond. You WILL improve your bottom line. It’s that simple. Do everything Dave asks of you, build up your database, be patient, keep it consistent, and you’ll see results. Dave and his team know their stuff.

Erika Wasser

The ability for leads to text us directly changed the game for us in being able to respond quickly, directly and with ease


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